Small Exhibition Booth • 8' x 6'

Small Exhibition Booth • 8' x 6'


An 8' x 6' exhibitor booth on the ReBUILD 2018 exposition floor, including two chairs and table.


Exhibitor Booth Basics

  • Booths are a pole-and drape design.
  • The back drape-wall of the booth stands roughly 8' tall.
  • All booths will be furnished with a 6' long table and two chairs. 
  • Booths will be sharing surge-suppressor electrical outlet strips.  Presume you will have 2 outlets.
  • Exhibitors are welcomed and encouraged to fill their booth space creatively. Some ideas include:
    • Mini projectors
    • Additional chairs or comfortable seating.
    • Brochure stands
    • Standing signage
    • Rug/carpet remnants.
    • Decore (plants, balloons, additional drapery, etc.)
    • Basically, if it can fit within your floorspace, we encourage you to use your imagination!
  • If you bring any music or sound (such as a video monitor), we ask that you keep volume polite to your neighboring booths.