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Booth Info

Information and registration INQUIRIES
for display BOOTH participants in the ReBUILD expo 2018.


We are eager have your business, organization, or group set up as a booth exhibitor at ReBUILD 2018.  We will be having abroad array of booth exhibitors representing a diverse range of participants, from athletic organizations, to charitable groups, to strength and training products, to educators and healthcare initiatives, and so much more!

The Expo Floor will transform into a remarkable and lively blend of motivated people, sharing ideas, products, and missions.  And we want your energy among them!

All Exhibitors are required to check-in for set up by 8:00am on January 27 at the Berkshire Mall.
Exhibitors who do not arrive by 8:30am may risk forfeiture of their booth. 


Exhibitor Booth Basics

  • Booths are a pole-and drape design.
  • The back drape-wall of the booth stands roughly 8' tall.
  • All booths will be furnished with a 6' long table and two chairs. 
  • Booths will be sharing surge-suppressor electrical outlet strips.  Presume you will have 2 outlets.
  • Exhibitors are welcomed and encouraged to fill their booth space creatively. Some ideas include:
    • Mini projectors
    • Additional chairs or comfortable seating.
    • Brochure stands
    • Standing signage
    • Rug/carpet remnants.
    • Decore (plants, balloons, additional drapery, etc.)
    • Basically, if it can fit within your floorspace, we encourage you to use your imagination!
  • If you bring any music or sound (such as a video monitor), we ask that you keep volume polite to your neighboring booths.

We have a limited number of booth spaces still available – demand has been surprisingly high!  We ask that you get your request for an exhibition booth in as soon as possible so we can ensure your spot on the ReBUILD Expo floor!


Pay direct or raise funds for our cause.  Either way, you have two different ways to cover your costs for booking a booth at ReBUILD'18.

We are giving exhibitors two options for booth sizes, at a remarkably reasonable price as compared to other expos of this kind.  Meawhile, we are also allowing our exhibitors to cover their booth expenses by raising money.  This allows your business or organization to show their leadership and give strength.

Booth Payment
Option 1:

Direct Payment of Booth Costs & Registration

Book your booth by paying the registration price in total.  Elect either of these two options to register your booth and pay online.  

Small Exhibition Booth • 8' x 6'

An 8' x 6' exhibitor booth on the ReBUILD 2018 exposition floor, including two chairs and table.

Large Exhibition Booth • 10' x 10'

A 10' x 10' exhibitor booth on the ReBUILD 2018 exposition floor, including two chairs and table.

Booth Payment
Option 2:

Become a fundraiser in ReBUILD|GATHER to get a booth.


Fundraiser Payment Option

We are giving our exhibitors the option to cover their booth costs in an innovative way: by raising funds for our charities as a way of earning your spot at the ReBUILD Expo!  We call it ReBUILD|GATHER, and it allows you to get involved beyond just your display booth.

Your business or organization simply pays a small registration fee, then gets set up with your own fundraising page. Reach out to each out to friends, families, and those who support your business to donate to your team's fundraising effort. 

Small Booth Commitment:

  • $75 Registration fee
  • Commit to raising $500 by January 27, 2018

Large Booth Commitment:

  • $100 Registration fee
  • Commit to raising $750 by January 27, 2018

Your teams can have as many members as you like!  Reach out on social media, through your business. and any way you can imagine to bring people to your donations page.