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Rebuilding STRENGTH
REBUILDING community.
Rebuilding compassion.

GiveStrength's annual ReBUILD EVENT merges the strength community with the wellness community to celebrate, compete, guide, and inspire impact in the world.

ReBUILD is a new concept in building community among passionate athletes and motivating them to take action for impacting the world via their pursuits of passion.  

On the one hand ReBUILD is setting out to be like a homecoming for the strength and bodybuilding sports communities of New England.  On the other hand, it's a unique way for local and national interests to network and collaborate.  And all throughout, it draws focus to the power of community to take action to help those who need the strength of a community to face challenging odds.

Our mission is to evolve ReBUILD into an annual "must-attend" event for the Berkshires, New England and even far beyond.  We are already in development of a tremendous exposition for ReBUILD'19, as well as other massive fundraising efforts which turn a passion for physical strength into real difference in the world.

ReBUILD'18 is a down home day of networking, competition, education, and activities to bring the strength community from around the Berkshires together towards positive action.  Simply put: we are aiming to get you amped up for using your strength to build compassion in the upcoming year!   We want you to experience how your investment in something you love personally can meanwhile create the power to affect others.

We're looking forward to having you join us.  Come to learn.  Come to lift.  Come to give.  It's an event designed to motivate, inspire and expand your vision of how your personal passions can have impact on the world!


"Seriously, I've never seen a bunch of lifters so aware of their relevance to the world."

"The positivity of the day WAS motivating as F*CK."

"Seeing what we gave back to kids facing cancer made the day that much more impressive."

ReBUILD'18 set in motion an annual event that is sure to inspire as much as impact those facing cancer.


When people come together, they have a chance to make an impact on the larger world.  The is the GiveStrength mission, and that was the goal of our first ReBUILD|Gather.  

Strength competitors joined with organizers to generate a day filled with community, education, and awareness towards the possibilities of raising funds and support for those facing cancer diagnosis.  Contributions from New Englend local businesses merged with networking from individuals who travelled to theBerkshires to be part of this remarkable event.  Meanwhile, the competitionw as motivating and intense, generating the kind of enthusiasm and passion that we can capitalize on for the future.

The day was capped with donations numbering in the thousands, proving that the power of community can extend beyond itself.  

GiveStrength was able to launch several upcoming campaigns as the result of ReBUILD'18, and we look forward to expanding the program in 2019 to create much largr impact.  

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Strength is our talent.
Giving Is our passion.

Like all GiveStrength initiatives, the ReBUILD Expo has a cornerstone in giving.

The mission of GiveStrength is to empower those with strength to become leaders in giving strength. All of our campaigns are designed to benefit efforts to  benefit families and friends facing heavy burdens, including cancer diagnosis and other challenging odds. And the GiveStrength Expo is no different. At every turn, we are outfitting our expo to be an engine that inspires the strength and wellness community to lead efforts of compassion which give strength to those who need it.

The excitement and community that surround the lifting communities has power beyond personal betterment.  The GiveStrength mission is to turn that power back out into the world as a true force for benefit through awareness, fundraising and education.

Our featured ReBUILD Beneficiary: Wipe Out Kids Cancer

All proceeds from fees charged at ReBUILD throughout the day will benefit the GiveStrength family of charities, with a special percentage being directly donated to Wipe Out Kids Cancer.  Families with children face a unique and unexpected challenge when a child is diagnosed with cancer. GiveStrength's work benefits these families through individual campaigns as well as through support of organizations like Wipe Out Kids Cancer.  

Supporting GiveStrength multiplies the amount of strength given

GiveStrength donates thousands annually to local families and national charities through grass roots community mobilization, lead by the strength and bodybuilding communities. And how that money that aids awareness gets raised is through the tireless efforts for the GiveStrength staff, putting together events of all shapes and sizes to fit the burden of cancer in all its forms.

Part of the proceeds from the day goes to supporting GiveStrength's future campaign efforts.  The power of every dollar raised becomes quite literally multiplied in the future via the funding power for the Strength Campaigns GiveStrength puts together. That means even more support and awareness for the growing family of charities we support.