Build your
Kick cancer's

Become a GiveStrength Champion.
A benefit to your lifting community, and a gift to those affected by cancer.

Whether you're a gym owner or just someone in love with lifting, it's easy to start a GiveStrength Campaign and become one of our Champions.  

A GiveStrength campaign can last weeks, months, or just be a one-day event.  It can bring together a community for a live challenge, or be held throughout an online lifting community to which you belong.  The possibilities are endless, but the results are priceless. 

Build a stronger lifting community while bringing new dignity and impact to the passion you love.  Become a GiveStrength Champion, and together we won't just get stronger, we'll give strength to those who need it.


Your strength.
Your campaign.

There's already no limit on your drive for strength.  
So we want no limits on your power to give.

You're probably wondering how this whole "strength giving strength " thing works.  Just how do we transform your personal passion for lifting into real impact in the world? Well, let us give you the broad highlights on this unique and powerful project that you're about to become a part of.

Got more questions on specifics?  Be sure to contact us directly and we can guide you towards setting up the campaign and charity that's right for you.


How do Strength Campaigns work?

First, lifters like you set up a challenge – what we like to call a "Strength Campaign."  Then they pick a charity to benefit and go on to solicit their friends, family or community for sponsorships toward their goal.  Your lifting efforts become the centerpiece of leadership to raise awareness, assistance and mobilization in your community.  

Use word of mouth or social media to let people know you're lifting represents more than personal gains; it represents leadership for a cause you believe in.   It's just that simple.  

You can work as an individual or as a team unit (which we totally encourage, by the way).  The lifting challenge you set up can be simple and fun, or competitive and elite.  You can stage a whole contest, or just a simple series of lifts over time.  The choice is really up to you and your imagination.  Lift what you love to lift, and then use that passion to encourage others to give strength to the cause you represent.

What charities get benefitted?

Currently GiveStrength has placed the bulk of it's focus on alleviating the day-to-day burdens of living with cancer. While we frequently donate to research and prevention charities, our hearts go out to those friends and families surviving day to day.  Living with this burden is expensive medically, but also personally.  

However, often specific individuals or families themselves become the focus of a GiveStrength campaign.  Friends helping friends, neighbors helping neighbors; no charity is too small for your GiveStrength campaign. 

Have specific charitable interests beyond a cancer diagnosis?  GREAT – please let us know!  We one day see GiveStrength assisting lifters in all areas of charity and relief fundraising, so your ideas are more than welcome.  Please be in touch with your ideas if you're unsure how your charity fits.

What do strength campaigns look like?

There's no one, single way to execute your Strength Campaign. 

Most often lifters simply come together as makeshift teams around their Strength Campaign, working together to build enthusiasm and awareness for the cause their strength represents.  

The structure of the challenge can be a rolling challenge that spans many weeks, or a single event.  Keep in mind, the longer you run a Strength Campaign, the more of a leader you become, and the more support your cause receives.  

Your Strength Campaign can be focused on a specific lift, or across many exercises.  It can be about a total number of pounds lifted, total number of reps executed, or even number of lifters lifting.  Just as your lifting is always reaching new heights, so too is there no limit to your Campaign's shape!

If you need specific ideas, look through our past campaigns and challenges to see how folks set up their challenges.  

Here's your newest PR goal.

Your lifting makes your life better.  
Now, your lifting will make someone else's life better, too.  

It's as easy as picking a goal, signing up, and getting to work.

Just like everyone has a different style of lifting, so too can you set up your fundraising efforts in a bunch of different ways.  All the funds your lifting raise goes to GiveStrength, whose donations to cancer survivors and support charities, among a few others, make lives better every day.   



Personal challenges are what lifting is all about.  So why not take a few weeks or months to use your lifting to raise support for vital causes?

Set up a profile at our Classy portal, pick a goal and then get your friends and family to support your lifting like never before!


Lift AS A Team
or WITH A Gym

You're community is a powerful source of inspiration.  Now, it's time to share that inspiration in the form of real support for those who need your strength.

Set up a team profile for your group or gym, invite folks, then get the word out to your community to support your cause!

GiveStrength Event icon.png

Host Event or Competition

Bring the community together in a way that promotes your talent and benefits causes that need community strength.

Whether it's a virtual challenge or a day of wellness events, why not take your idea one step further, think bigger, and promote an event? Click below to get us details! 


Give your strength
in a Classy way.

The battle is challenging, but Classy makes giving our strength simple. 

Lifting is a passion that's simultaneously challenging yet simple. Put in the work and you get the result, yet that work is always filled with new challenges.   And a lot of other things are that way too; things like turning your passion for strength into real impact beyond the gym.  

So, we knew, right out of the gate, that we need to keep things simplified.  That's why GiveStrength uses the trusted Classy platform to help you coordinate your impact efforts.   Classy has been around since 2006, helping individuals and organizations have real impact in the world through coordinated fundraising.  There's no need to reinvent the process when there's already a solid form for lifting the heavy weight. 

After all, lifters like us are usually everyday folks, like you.  While a bit sophistication is always impressive, we ultimately want to get right into the mission.  It's just good, commonsense gym logic; while bells and whistles may impress, in the end you just want to get in there, get it done well, and not get bogged down in complexities.  Integrating the Classy platform into GiveStrength's bag of gear allows us – and you – this sort of simplification; streamlining our lifting events, fundraising efforts, and team-building.