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The Pine Tree State Championship Challenge • Bodybuilding For a Cause • Benefitting The Dempsey Center


The Pine Tree State Championships is being held on Saturday April 14, 2018 in Westbrook, MA.


We all know how much an incredible physique can inspire others. Competitive bodybuilders and fitness athletes possess a unique power to motivate and capture the imagination. So it makes sense that incredible power get directed towards making the world a little better.  

Which is why the annual Pine Tree State Bodybuilding & Fitness Pro-Am Championships are partnering with GiveStrength for a fundraiser to benefit Maine's Dempsey Center.  That's right; the power and motivation of these athletes invest in their contest prep is being used to make a real difference in the world.  

For the weeks of prep leading up to the event, participating athletes competing in the Pine Tree State Championships will be using their power to inspire and motivate to raise awareness and support for families in Maine facing the burden of cancer diagnosis.  The Dempsey Center is a nearby neighbor to where the Pine Tree State Championships is held each year, and it is exciting to have our amazing athletes working together to support this incredible organization.

And to show gratitude to these athletes for using their social and social media prowess to champion this worthwhile cause, GiveStrength will be awarding sponsorships to athletes who use their leadership to raise funds for our cause.

That's right!

Real cash sponsorships towards competing in the Pine Tree State

for bodybuilding and fitness athletes who use their power to inspire towards raising awareness and donations to the Dempsey Center!

Open a fundraiser page at the link provided, and share your fundraiser link with friends, families, fellow athletes, and across all your social media pages to start inspirng people to join the cause!

Part of a team entering the competition?
Yes, you can fundraise as a team too!

Trainers and competition prep teams can work together to represent the power of teamwork towards making a true impact on the world!

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Just looking to make a donation?

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