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GiveStrength's Annual Deadlift for Dollars 2017



Teams of GiveStrength lifters will be coming together in their own local gyms to deadlift as many times as possible within 24 hours during the Deadlift For Dollars Challenge Weekend, December 16-17th. 

Every rep executed increases funding for Project Koru by $5.

The more reps executed, the more funds get raised!

Ready to deadlift?

  1. Join or create your team. 
    Just click the register button below and you'll be brought to the Classy platform for the event, where you can register and learn more details.
  2. Get your reps sponsored.
    Get the word out to friends and family that you're deadlifting for an amazing cause on December 16th and 17th.  Your team is committing to one rep for each $5 you're sponsored.  The more reps people sponsor, the more incredible your team's goals become!
  3. Pick your team's start time. 
    As a team, pick your start time for your 24-hour challenge on December 16th.
  4. DEADLIFT!  
    Your team has 24 hours to complete as many reps as you have been sponsored for – and more!  
  5. Don't forget: post video of every rep, live, to social media!  
    For reps to "count" to towards the challenge, you must post them to social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), as a LIVE stream.   

100% of donation funds go to support Project Koru, an amazing summer camp opportunity for young adult cancer survivors.


You're excited to participate.  
But how does this thing work?  

Here's the specifics and guidelines.


Each team attempts to rep 1 deadlift for every $5 they're sponsored.

  • The minimum number of reps you are committed to deadlifting during the Challenge Weekend is determined by how much money you are sponsored.  1 rep for every $5 of sponsorship.
  • For example, if your whole team raises $5000, that means you're trying to execute at least 1000 deadlift reps among the whole team.    

The only reps that will be "counted' are those you post LIVE on social media.

  • SUPER IMPORTANT: all your reps MUST be broadcasted live on either Facebook or Instagram to be counted in your total.
  • The only reps that can be "counted" towards your total are those broadcasted live.  So, keep that smart phone charged and ready!!
  • Live from your Facebook or Instagram account are recommended.
  • Just point your smartphone at your lift, and then pull!
  • Remember, we are trying to raise awareness for our cause, which is why we require your efforts known to your online communities.  These reps count.  And we want the world to know we are using our strength to give strength.

How many people can be on my team?

  • Teams are a maximum of 5 lifters.
  • Yes, you can be a one-person team!  

How much weight do I lift?

  • The minimum amount for your deadlift is your own bodyweight.
  • You're more than welcome to deadlift more weight than your bodyweight, but do keep in mind you have a lot of reps to pull!

Can I switch/lower weight as I go through the 24 hours?

  • As long as you never go below your own bodyweight, yes, you are welcome to change the weight on the bar.

When do we start the 24 hours?

  • Your 24-hour window to complete your goal starts whenever you want it to.
  • Your team's 24-hour window must land somewhere during the Challenge Weekend, between 12:00am December 16 and 11:59pm December 17.   

Do I have to do my reps with my team?  Or can I lift on my own, too?

  • Feel free to do your reps whenever you want within the 24 hours your team committed to.  If you are a solo lifter, no problem!  While it's fun to lift with a team, we know that sometimes it's easier to just grab the bar on your own.

Where do I deadlift?

  • Do these deadlifts anywhere you damn well want!   As long as you post them to social media live, you can do them in a gym, in a garage, or in the middle of a parade if you want!  (We don't actually recommend that last option.)


  • You have 24 hours to get all those reps in whatever quantities you want.  Spread out your effort.  Strategize.  Attack your goal in chunks.  Whether it's a set of just one rep or 20, it's up to you how many you execute at a time.  

Should I keep track of my total reps?

  • Yes please! Actually, we are relying on you guys to keep your tallies.  
  • This is another reason we need you to post your efforts on social media; so we have a standing record of your total, that's easy for us to go back and count in the end.
  • Of course, remember, the money raised is the most important factor, even more than the number of reps.

Can I do more reps than I committed to at the start?

  • YES!  GO FOR IT!  
  • Remember: GiveStrength will be rewarding the team with the highest total number of reps.  So if you feel motivated, crush your original commitment and keep pulling!

Can I raise more money than I committed to raise?

  • By all means yes! GO FOR IT!  We encourage you to raise more than your rep commitment earned.

What if I can't complete the number of reps I committed to?

  • Look, either way the money you raised will be going to Project Koru.  So while we hope you can reach your rep commitment – and beyond – ultimately we just want you to put in your best effort and go as far as you can!

Prizes awarded for outstanding lifters!

  • While we know you're participating to show how your strength gives strength, we also know how the spirit of competition is part of the thrill of lifting.  So, yes, we are keeping true to the lifting community with friendly competition.
  • GiveStrength will be rewarding the team with the highest total funds raised with a brand new Texas Deadlift Bar.  
  • GiveStrength will also be rewarding the team that executed the highest total reps, as totalled among all their teammates.  
  • "Winners" will be announced within 48 hours after the Challnge Weekend. (By end of day December 19th, 2017.)