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GiveStrength presents: The LiftingFor Lamb Challenge

A community giving to one of it's own!

Once again, GiveStrength is empowering a community to work together in support a friend facing profound challenges. Gary Lamb is a father, uncle, friend, neighbor and a true representation of his local community. Simply put, he's a guy who always brings enthusiasm and light to his work and relationships. 

Sadly, Gary is now fighting leukemia.  So GiveStrength is calling to the community to come together in support with the Lifting For Lamb Challenge!

The "Lifting for Lamb" challenge is simple:

  • Video any exercise or wellness based activity.
  • In your video, mention that you are sending strength to Gary Lamb.
  • Share that video in a post on social media, to spread word and encourage others to join in the Challenge.
  • Then donate any amount, and remind others to do the same

Funds raised from this challenge will go to support Gary and his family. 

Don't want to lift?  No worries! You can still donate!