Giving strength to those who bear tremendous burdens.

Whether or not you lift with us, anyone can contribute to our mission of impacting the world.

It's not just through sponsoring athletes and events that you can give strength to our mission.  We're always welcoming direct contributions from folks like you who want to see the success of our work last over the long run.

Every dollar donated to GiveStrength as a general donation will go towards:

  • developing GiveStrength programs and events, so we can raise even more money for those in need
  • additional funding for current charitable contributions we are making at the time of your donation
  • funding the administrative infrastructure of the growing GiveStrength project

There is literally no amount too small to offer.  Every dollar contributed helps us reshape the focus of strength athletes to be of service to causes that need true leadership and funding.

It's strength giving strength.  Thank you for giving yours! 


When you click the button, you will be brought to our Classy fundraising portal.

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Give your strength
in a Classy way.

The battle is challenging, but Classy makes giving our strength simple. 

Lifting is a passion that's simultaneously challenging yet simple. Put in the work and you get the result, yet that work is always filled with new challenges.   And a lot of other things are that way too; things like turning your passion for strength into real impact beyond the gym.  

So, we knew, right out of the gate, that we need to keep things simplified.  That's why GiveStrength uses the trusted Classy platform to help you coordinate your impact efforts.   Classy has been around since 2006, helping individuals and organizations have real impact in the world through coordinated fundraising.  There's no need to reinvent the process when there's already a solid form for lifting the heavy weight. 

After all, lifters like us are usually everyday folks, like you.  While a bit sophistication is always impressive, we ultimately want to get right into the mission.  It's just good, commonsense gym logic; while bells and whistles may impress, in the end you just want to get in there, get it done well, and not get bogged down in complexities.  Integrating the Classy platform into GiveStrength's bag of gear allows us – and you – this sort of simplification; streamlining our lifting events, fundraising efforts, and team-building.