Welcoming lifters, leaders, friends and heroes.

GiveStrength events are one part tribal enthusiasm,
one part compassionate support,
and entirely a blast to PARTICIPATE IN!

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Come lift the heavy LOAD with us.

We lift the heaviest thing imaginable:
the burden of cancer.

A huge part of the GiveStrength project is to build and bond the lifting community, in every form it takes.  We know a strong community can take on huge challenges.  And the challenge we have put before us requires a community that's stronger than ever.

Too often the pursuits of lifting encourage selfishness and self-centeredness.  That kinda sucks.  Not only is selfishness boring, it kind of disintegrates the best part of lifting: the cool community of allies, buddies, and characters that rally around each other for motivation, support, and fun.  Yeah, we're all set with that kind lifting.  We want to keep lifting about the lifters; about the community of passion, pride, and most importantly, effectiveness.

Most people wouldn't at first think that building a strong community is the same thing as fundraising for cancer.  But a strong dedication to the lifting community means a better chance for that same level of dedication in return.  So our events and fundraisers are just as much about all of us in the lifting community as they are about the charities we are serving.

We want to lift with you.  We want to hang with you at a GiveStrength event.  We want to see you power through PR's and keep the excitement going.  And then, together, we can use that joint passion to make a difference in the world.

Your OWN Passion.
Host own Strength Campaign.

Why not run your own GiveStrenth Strength Campaign?

Any size. Any charity.  Any community.  
Your passion, your mission, your event, your choice.

One of the coolest parts of the GiveStrength mission is how we get to empower regular people like you to use your passion towards real good in the world. Which is why just about any can run their own Strength Campaign.  It can be an vent, or just an online effort.  It can last one day  or months at a time.  It can benefit one of GiveStrength's current charities, or fid a specific individual facing a cancer diagnosis.  and the best part is that you get to become a leader just for doing what you already love to do: hit the weights!

Hosting your own GiveStrength Strength Campaign is easier than you think, and more fun than you can imagine.  It relies on your efforts to reach out to your community and encourage them to support a strength goal through sponsorship funding. The talent and effort you show for lifting become an exciting way to draw attention to a cause you believe in, while symbolizing how strength can have impact beyond personal goals.  So whether it's a huge team effort to raise thousands for a cause, or just your alone, raising a few hundred dollars for someone facing cancer's burden, your years of training and loving the iron will have a genuine impact for good in the world.

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Strength campaigns

Have a specific charity in mind?  Want to organize a Strength Campaign either online or live? Reach out to us directly and send us your idea. We love to partner with leaders like you, and put together events with your mission at the center! Events come in all shapes and sizes, so we're looking forward to your ideas.

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Individuals and teams

Just want to get started as an individual or with your team of fellow lifters?  Great!  All you have to do is set up your individual or tam page at our Classy fundraiser portal, and get lifting!  Post to your social media and reach out to friends, and start raising money using your lifting as the centerpiece of enthusiasm!

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Improving how we live.

A huge part GiveStrength's mission is to strengthen the tribal bonds among the lifting community, elevating our passion to a position of purpose.  We are hopeful that we can impact lives affected by cancer and other burdens, but know we can only have this impact by maintaining a strong fellowship among the diverse world of lifters and bodybuilders.

We think our events represent this commitment to strong community as a force for good.  We're roped of every Strength Campaign we've been a part of, from Barballs events to local family support efforts. We're looking forward to many more in the future, as well.  As long as there is a need for strength the strength community has the power to give.  

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