Strength gives

Transforming the passion for WEllness & physical strength into a source of HOPE for those battling challenging odds.

GiveStrength empowers lifting enthusiasts of all sorts – from seasoned competitors to everyday lifters – to become a true force of change in our world.  

We're more than a charity.  We're building a community among powerlifters, strongmen, strength athletes, bodybuilders and wellness gurus, centered on our ability to make meaningful impact on our world.  Every pound we lift is transformed into a chance to provide care to those facing a cancer diagnosis; from easing financial burdens to funding research to simply bringing enthusiasm and community around those who need a bit of love and light.  

We don't just lift weights, we alleviate burdens.  
We don't just capture attention, we direct awareness.  
We're not just encouraging champions, we're developing leaders.

By providing resources, tools and guidance, we're recreating the sports of physical might into a mighty power of hope.  We encourage you to join our movement.  Let's have fun.  Let's spread hope.  Let's crush weights.  Let's give strength.

Ready to give strength?


Let's get right to it!  While there's so many different ways you can get involved with GiveStrength, you may be eager to help with a financial donation right here and now.  We love that kind of enthusiasm, we're grateful for it! 


lift with us.
LEAD with us.

Jump into one of our current or upcoming Strength Campaigns.  

Transforming your strength to have higher purpose can happen right away. Why not get involved with one of our current GiveStrength Strength Campaigns today?  

Not a Strength Campaign that fits you?  Why not start one of your own?  Contact us directly and we can hep you set up a Strength Campaign that benefits a cause to fight concerns in your own community.  Click the button to learn more about becoming a Strength Campaign Leader!

Meanwhile, consider sponsoring the athletes participating in any of our events.  Every time you support their lifts, you strengthen their ability to raise more funding.  That's how strength gives strength!

Get involved with one of our upcoming campaigns


We like to lift weights.
We hope to lift burdens.

Harnessing the unstoppable power of the lifting community to help lift uncommon burdens. 

If you've ever come in contact with the weight lifting culture you probably noticed something magical.  Lifters are passionate by nature.  We're people of big imaginations and lofty goals.  That's just who we are.

We work hard.  And we work a lot.  The combined effort of all that power is, well staggering.  

And so we thought: "Wouldn't it be great if all that power could be directed towards something huge?"  Rather than just moving weights, we wondered if we could move causes.  That's how GiveStrength was created.  We knew that giving the lifting community greater purpose would only strengthen their resolve to pursue their passions.  Then it's only a matter of directing the output of that effort.

Our events and fundraisers harnesses the infectious power, strength and enthusiasm of powerlifters, strongmen, bodybuilders, CrossFitters, and even just regular ole gym-goers, and lets them make a real impact in the world.  The stronger they get, the more effective the fundraising.  The work they love to do gets multiplied in value, relevance, and effectiveness.

Learn more about our goals at GiveStrength, from bonding the lifting communities around positive purpose, to creating true impact on the fight against cancer in all it's forms.  

Come lift with us.  Come fight with.  Come give strength with us.  


Lifting burdens.

Our success relies on the passion of lifters like you combined with the power of communities like yours.

We gather community around a common passion: the love and excitement of developing physical strength.  But then we transform that passion into something that strengthens more than the body.  That's why we're so proud of the events and Strength Campaigns we put together, and even more proud of you guys – our amazing athletes, friends and benefactors who give your strength when you hear the call!


Let's talk strength.

One of our primary values is a commitment to strengthen community.  And community thrives on communication.  Please get in touch with us with any curiosity or comment you may have.  We love interacting with our community, as well as welcoming new voices into it!

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